Fast growing. Family owned general contractor. Commited to your success. 

Lovvorn Construction:

40 Years and 4 Generations Delivering Quality Construction.

Three things you should know about our Atlanta based commercial construction company:

We are focused on and actively pursuing  new retail developments and tenant build-outs within them.

Industrial projects are  an area of expertise in which we flourish.

We thrive with public sector work such as higher education and parks projects which has become our largest repeat business area.

Our Work
Built to Last
At Lovvorn Construction, we treat every project as if it’s our own, ensuring and maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship. We build each project to last for generations, just like us.

In other words, our clients receive exceptional value for their investment, without compromising schedule or quality.

Lovvorn Commercial Construction Specializes in Many Types of Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects

Lovvorn Construction in Atlanta specializes in commercial construction for restaurants, retail stores, churches, and government buildings. We bring added value to your project with the experience and skill to deliver at every phase, from planning to completion. Our local, Atlanta based team specialize in design-build construction projects and is organized to provide the very best services associated with the design-build method of project delivery.

Restaurant Construction

Just as Atlanta is known for its multi-cultural food, Lovvorn Construction is known for the commercial construction of many local hot spots. Whether your restaurant is inline or freestanding, we’ll work diligently to turn your vision into a reality.

Retail Construction – Design Build

Serving a wide range of retail stores and commercial locations, our team takes on projects of all sizes. From fast interior renovations to new construction for our retail automotive clients, Lovvorn Construction has become one of Georgia’s leading general contractors.

Industrial Construction

For over 15 years, we have had a group of design and construction professionals fully dedicated to serving the needs of industrial construction projects in Atlanta, GA and beyond.

General Commercial Construction

Lovvorn has proven to be a leading general contractor in the commercial space. We can handle your project from start to finish and our team will communicate with you every step of the way.

Churches and Worship Buildings

Lovvorn has an exemplary track record when it comes to construction of churches and houses of worship. Our team understand your unique needs and will work hard to make your vision a reality.

Government Buildings

Lovvorn Construction of Atlanta has been helping governments and municipalities with a wide range of construction projects since 1996. Our team knows how to streamline government construction projects, working within your timeline and budget.

Wide Ranging Commercial Experience

Lovvorn Construction has a built a reputation in general commercial construction, but over the years we have shown our capabilities with other types of industrial buildings, including cold storage and food processing facilities and manufacturing complexes. We have also earned a superior reputation for high-end office buildings, retail stores, churches, government buildings, and multi-story parking garages all around the Peach state.

Commercial Construction is No Easy Task

Commercial construction requires much larger and more expensive equipment than residential construction projects do. Because commercial buildings in Atlanta tend to house service-oriented businesses, their designs revolve around floor plans that promote smooth foot traffic and space that maximizes tenant satisfaction. Exterior and interior aesthetics play a vital role in commercial design from shopping malls to corporate campuses.

How Does Industrial Differ From Regular Commercial Construction?

Industrial construction often calls for materials and workmanship outside the scope of traditional commercial projects. Custom fabrication, on-site equipment assembly and large-scale installations are just a few of the considerations that make industrial project management challenging. Industrial building design focuses on coordinating manufacturing and distribution with an emphasis on functionality. Logistics outweigh aesthetic considerations and center around efficient production as well as highly specific safety standards.


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