Restaurant Construction

Restaurant facilities present a unique and specific set of engineering challenges for effectively minimizing the amount of energy required for cooking, water heating, refrigeration, space heating and cooling, and entertainment, as well as doing so via a method that is cost-effective and in a manner that enhances the look, feel, and function of the facility. In a typical restaurant, cooking, water heating, freezing, and space cooling or heating express almost 80 percent of the total use of the utility.
Selecting the right construction company to work on your restaurant project may seem daunting as it is one of the most important things that can make or break your project. You want to be sure that the company can do the proposed work, on time, on budget and with quality.

Because of Lovvorn Construction’s breadth of experience, clients trust Lovvorn Construction to complete quality projects, on time and on budget. In the case of Restaurants, construction of the structure is only the foundation, our team is versed in compliance with ADA and the Health Department. Taking on the specific understanding of health codes, safety, and ADA compliance issues as they relate to the areas of food prep, grease venting, grease interception and fire suppression.

Lovvorn Construction has the vast experience necessary to provide energy-efficient restaurant systems design that will not compromise, but enhance the look, feel and function of your space. We have solid experience in the food service and hospitality area including locations at Airports, Travel Plazas, University Dining Halls, Fitness Centers, and Hotels.

It is not just Commercial Construction – It is a Restaurant Construction

Restaurant construction jobs are often design-build projects that require a commercial contractor to oversee the project from pre-construction to completion. These projects can range from renovating an older building, refurbishing an existing space, or designing a completely new location for both national franchises and single-location restaurants.

Lovvorn Construction for your Restaurant Construction

Lovvorn Construction has a team of highly skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians, ventilation installer and fire suppression company that will get your project done in a timely manner. We take great pride when the project you had in mind becomes reality and is the way you imagined it. The benefit of being your restaurant contractor is that we are also an architectural firm with interior designers, architects, and engineers that can overcome any potential obstacle we encounter during the construction phase. We just don’t build like other construction companies, we are restaurant contractors that actually like to build it and are driven by the end results. We go the extra mile to meet your expectations and want your project to turn out just the way you imagine it.

All of our sub-contractors are licensed and fully insured. We don’t work with companies or people that are not licensed. Having the ability to hold each one of our sub-contractors liable for the work they perform is important to us because it protects our company and most import our client.

Have a Restaurant Project in Mind?

Lovvorn Construction has been working in the restaurant construction industry for over 15 years. Our top priority when working with our clients is to ensure that the project accurately reflects their vision. We pride ourselves on being able to implement the vision of customers of varying levels of construction knowledge, from those who only have an idea to those who have completed designs. Lovvorn understands the unique needs of our clients and readily accept the challenges a restaurant project might present, such as staying open for business during a remodel, or completing maintenance tasks after business hours.
Our team of architects, builders, and contractors has experience with all aspects of restaurant construction and are knowledgeable of all of the regulations restaurants are required to meet. From the walk-in refrigerator to the color of the bathroom, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring every portion of your restaurant complies with the necessary codes. Lovvorn Construction has the resources to help you with your restaurant construction project from beginning through completion. For facility maintenance, you can trust Lovvorn Construction. We have the knowledge and dedication to our industry to confidently manage maintenance challenges. If attention to quality, responsive access to materials, and a highly-qualified, professional repair team matter to you, then contact us to get the job done right. Our sterling reputation as general contractors in Atlanta GA speaks for itself through repeat business from national and regional franchise chains as well as single store clients. You bring the vision, we will bring the rest.