Government Building Construction

As an experienced commercial contractor, Lovvorn Construction has completed many construction projects throughout Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. We specialize in building education buildings, sports facilities, government buildings and LEED buildings. We proudly stand behind our quality work showcased through our portfolio’s wide range of projects and we welcome the opportunity to work on your next project. Government constructions have varying degrees of complexity. An established commercial construction company like Lovvorn Construction has diverse capabilities that are perfectly suited for a wide range of government projects like schools, universities, offices and park renovations.
From pre-engineered buildings to steel constructions and the latest LEED requirements, our extensive experience with retail spaces, car dealerships, offices, schools and medical construction is a valuable asset. We specialize in smart design planning, quality construction, and stellar project management.

We aim to deliver a comprehensive design/build service which includes the development of detailed plans, precise cost-analysis, committee presentations, obtaining approvals and skillfully managing your entire construction project.

Lovvorn Construction Company has successfully built private and government buildings and offices all around Atlanta Georgia. You can also see examples of our work, just check out our projects page or call and contact us directly via phone or email.
Over the past years, our energy-saving solutions, latest construction methods, and technology, customized service, timely and within budget completion have made us the first choice of cities, counties, and the state government.

We take a partnering philosophy to design and do a project management. Want an encouraging feedback and consultation from our clients? Call us today and let us help you building for the community.
Our government construction services include but not limited to:

– School construction
– University construction
– Government office construction
– Park renovations
– LEED buildings

Why choose us as your government construction service?

– Extensive experience with government projects including offices, educational institutions, and park redevelopment
– Progressive green construction plans that will spearhead your LEED initiatives
– Latest designs and construction technology
– In-depth planning, cost-analysis, design, and construction expertise
– Valuable recommendations for cost and spacing-saving initiatives
– One point contact for troubleshooting and seamless project management
– Guaranteed on-time and within-budget completion
– Customized service and absolute satisfaction