Churches and Worship Buildings

Lovvorn Construction builds churches and other places of worship nearby cities around Atlanta Georgia. We offer design-build, general contracting, and construction management, services for small and large projects involving either new construction or renovations to existing space.

How We Do it

At Lovvorn Construction, we believe that it is important to follow a detailed and sequential process for facility expansion in spending God’s money. Strategic planning for your church involves navigating a narrow path between a business-based process and the greater importance of God’s will in our lives as a church and as individuals.

Our overall goal begins with the end result in mind and implement action plans that will build platforms from today to the future. The core basis of any successful facility expansion is determined by clearly understanding the right steps, having carefully analyzed internal and external numbers, and intentionally aligning people, money, and facilities with the Vision.

We use standard processes to provide a step-by-step approach to break down existing plans into phases. Phases include pastor’s vision definition and goals, gathering data to determine current and future profiles of the church and surrounding community, understanding existing facility usage and capacity, analysis and alignment of the gathered data, prioritizing, and planning for vision advancement. Unlike most assessments, we offer implementation plan to advance your vision for facility expansion.

Building the Church

Church construction can seem a daunting task. Selecting design and construction teams are important steps, but the church’s responsibilities do not end there. Many crucial tasks remain during design and construction that you, as the project owner, must complete. Having someone in your corner, protecting your interests will save you time and money.

Church as Real Estate

Lovvorn Construction offers church construction strategic planning and real estate to design. Our passion for service to the members of the community drives us a desire for quality and excellence. Our attention to detail, the value we place on our clients and our desire to provide outstanding service is embedded in our company

Why Lovvorn Construction

– Lovvorn construction has an exemplary track experience in managing multiple Church construction projects.
– We understand that a facility is a tool for ministry and what aspects are required for this ministry tool to be functional.
– Our team has unique insight when it comes to facilities through their extensive church construction and design background.
– Having built numerous Church facilities, we understand how purchasing the right track of land drives the achievability of the vision.
– We have access to a wealth of information through our staff of in-house pastors, architects and construction personal when it comes to potential facility evaluations and acquisitions.
– Our team operates with a ministry mindset and as an extension of your ministry.
– When considering a property purchase that includes remodeling or renovation we can create and review potential design concepts and budgetary estimates.

Are you ready to build?

Learn what every church should know before starting a construction project.